Tuesday, 22 September 2020

My Whakapapa Journey. By Sulia

Hello, My name is Sulia and I am Tongan.  As you can see from my picture, I have drawn my grandfather brown because he passed away many years ago. Now, my grandma who is represented by the green Koru next to my grandpa, lives in Tonga with my aunt.  

I have three uncles and they love barbecuing and playing music. They are the three green Koru all next to one another. Their names are Simote, Pulusi and Mone. My two aunts are my mum’s sisters and they all love to smell nice so you can smell perfume on them. Their names are Tea, Siki and my mum Siuti. My mum’s English name is Judith. 

Simote my uncle has seven kids and they are the seven bumps on my uncle’s Koru. They love watching Black Panda. 

Pulusi has only four kids and they also love having fun of course. Mone has five kids and they love watching the T.V with candy and popcorn which I can relate to. 

Tea has two babies who you can see on her Koru. The last one is Siki and she only has one baby. 

Most of my family love playing sports and watching sport too. Their favourite sport is Rugby. My favorite sport is Rugby as well so that is why I play in the Marist Girls Rippa Rugby Team. 

My family means everything to me and that is why I have a love heart at the top of my picture. 

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